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Massage is a proven, effective treatment for muscle aches and inflammation. A deep-tissue massage can loosen tight muscles, ease discomfort, stimulate circulation and relieve stress.

The new PowerChip™ includes TriPhase® Technology, combining magnetism with Nikken Far-Infrared Technology and Negative-Ion Technology. The result is a compact yet extraordinary

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Cold processed barley grass and other enzyme rich components. Green powerhouse for everyone.

Magnetic Therapy Devices: Nikken Kenko Powerband Wrist Bracelet Size Reg Black Item # 19080 Ship Worldwide BUY IT NOW ONLY: $32.0

Magnetic Therapy Devices: Nikken Kenko Powerband Wrist Bracelet Size Reg Black Item # 19080 Ship Worldwide BUY IT NOW ONLY: $32.0

Air filter for your home. Clinically clean, naturally fresh. The Nikken KenkoAir Purifier™ combines superior technology with additional features, at a competitive price. The KenkoAir includes multiple filter stages, with an ultra low penetration air filter. $561

Nikken KenkoAir Purifier with Negative Ion ULPA Air filtration. This is an amazing system, offering incredible performance from a company with longevity. Buy this product directly from Nikken's warehouse at the best price!

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PiMag® Waterfall™ You can enjoy clean, filtered and enhanced drinking water for a fraction of what bottled water costs. And you'll be saving more than money — at the same time you're helping to protect the environment.

The best kinetic tape with far-infrared energy for a gentle warming and BIG results!

WARM, COMFORTABLE, FEELS SO GREAT ----ENJOY IT ALL, AND BEST OF ALL, ENJOY IT AT HOME, TOO! The Far Infrared HotHouse® produces its unique effect through radiant FIR heat. Its unique arched design enhances the thermal-effect. You get total enjoyment - it is easy to use and very comfortable. It makes you feel absolutely terrific. Simple and convenient to operate. If you are looking for a perfect adjunct to massage and other manipulative modalities, the HotHouse® is for you

The hothouse increases circulation, expands capillaries, and helps cells regenerate.