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Creepy Candles

(Martha Stewart) Creepy Candles Fill cup or pail with sand and plant white candles inside. Light a red candle and tip it over the white candle so the wax drips down the sides.

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15 Cute (And Easy!) Recycled Halloween Craft Ideas

Creepy Pond Idea Using Latex Gloves with Glow Sticks.

30 Dollar Store DIY Projects for Halloween

Latex gloves with glow sticks in your pond or pool make for a great outside Halloween decoration. If I HAD a pool or pond this would be cool!

There’s Halloween decorating and then there’s DIY clever Halloween decorating.

19 DIY Clever Halloween Party Decorating Tips

Hang styrofoam heads covered in cheesecloth from the ceiling or put creepy spiders inside ice cubes. Check out these clever and cost efficient ways to decorate with these 25 DIY Clever Halloween Party Decorating Tips.

Glue eyes to dollar store flowers

Idea for Halloween decor, eyeball flowers. Assumedly they bought some fake flowers and superglued the eyes into the center.

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Halloween Party Ideas

DIY Plaster Hands Tutorial from Honestly Yum. These DIY Plaster Hands are made with alginate molding powder, just like Martha Stewart’s DIY Plaster Hands below. Honestly Yum has more how-to photos on.

All you need is some materials like: empty bottles of different sizes, gloss enamel paint in various dark colors, acrylic paint with glitter in various dark colors, and red and black candles.{

Grim Candlestick Designs Perfect For Halloween Parties