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National Geographic Photo Contest 2011

This image captures almost 6 hours of climbing parties on Rainier going for the summit under starry skies. Wind shifts during the night would cause bands of smoke from fires 100 miles away on Mt Hood to pass over Rainier.

Grandiose Fotos vom National Geographic Photo Contest

Grandiose Fotos vom National Geographic Photo Contest

Gecko hidng in the leaves, Lorenzo Menendez, National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 - In Focus - The Atlantic

why doesn't my sky look this beautiful?

Funny pictures about Just a nighttime stroll through the woods. Oh, and cool pics about Just a nighttime stroll through the woods. Also, Just a nighttime stroll through the woods photos.

Spider Web Trees in Sindh, Pakistan    floodwaters forced the spiders to make their webs in trees, which dramatically reduced the incidence of mosquito-born illness!

Millions of arachnids escape rising floodwaters. Trees cocooned in spiders webs after flooding in Pakistan, 'An unexpected side-effect of the flooding was that millions of spiders climbed up into the trees to escape the rising flood waters.

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''Look at the stars.''Jane said in a whisper.Dan leaned his head back slightly. ''Yeah?So what?" Jane scowled silently.Then she pointed insistingly. ''No,look.Look at all of them!Look how small we are compared to so many.''She said in her own amazement. Dan smiled to himself. ''Yeah,I guess we are pretty small huh?"

When the Soul Lies Down

My mind goes out to reach the brightest star, Past the dark side of the moon. And beyond the constraints of simple things like time. As thoughts run free. Leave it all behind Stargazing

Check out this incredible picture from Wyoming of the Perseid Meteor Shower. Thanks to Atlanta's NBC Chief Meteorologist Mike Francis for providing this picture from David Kingham. David took this picture over a 7 hour period where he captured 22 meteors.  -Weather Channel

The sky is falling "Snowy Range Perseid Meteor Shower" by David Kingham of the U. was "highly commended" in the Earth and Space category. Kingham combines 23 individual stills to convey the excitement and dynamism of August's Perseid meteor shower.

"Eisiger Besucher" - Komet Panstarrs

"Eisiger Besucher" - Komet Panstarrs

alessandro puccinelli, from "intersections" (via horse hunting)

An Infinite Paradox - foxmouth: Intersections — Alessandro Puccinelli

Curious cormorants watch the start of the Gatorman part of the La Jolla Roughwater Swim. Athletes swim 3 miles from La Jolla Cove to Scripps Pier and back (Photo by Lee Sie). (via National Geographic Photo Contest

The sun at dawn.

I crave the ocean. When I close my eyes and picture my ideal home, it is right beside the ocean. A giant deck looking out over the beach. Whenever I am near the ocean, I feel incredibly free and alive.