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ALWAYS tell your partner this when parting. You never know if it may be the last opportunity you will have. <3. Busy lives are no excuse not to stop for that special moment everyday.

If you love her, tell her. Sometimes hearts are broken by words left unspoken. Rules Of A Southern Gent.

A real man never stops trying to show his woman how much she means to him even after he already has her

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Treat Every Woman Right!

Would you like your daughter to be treated with disrespect? Would you like her to feel like shes worthless? Of course not. No woman should ever be treated like that. So treat every single woman with respect.

This is the difference between a BOY and a MAN. [TRK]

A real man stays true to his word and protects his woman forever.

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The amount of times of heard guys say "oh, I'm different than all the other guys" is unreal.You want to impress me? Prove that your different. Show me that I'm not just another girl on your list. I know I have found the right guy.