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Remnants: Woven Photos by Greg Sand

Remnants: Woven Photos by Greg Sand

Greg Sand “Remnants” is a series about recollection and remembrance. Each ‘remnant’ in the series is composed of three found photos–each from a different point in the subject’s life–that have been cut.

PHOTO : Vestiges est une série sur le recueillement et le souvenir. Chaque «vestige» de la série est composée de trois photos trouvées, prisent à différent moment dans la vie du sujet, et qui a été coupés en lanières et tissées

Mona is part of the Remnants series by Greg Sand. He works with digital photography to produce his work. 'Mona' is composed of three photos cut into strips and woven together.

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David Hockney

Gillian Mowbray Knighton in Wales, inspired by David Hockney joiners I really think this large joiner composition works so well as its greatly built up with layers really developing depth to the picture

Photo weaving

three photos from different parts of the subject's life woven together to make these Collage, Suitable for a project called Fragments for GCSE

Collage by Anthony Gerace

Meticulous Collage Work by Anthony Gerace

Remnants by Greg Sand

Greg Sand 'Remnants' Photos - If photo art has ever inspired you, the Greg Sand ‘Remnants’ photos will knock your socks off. Three photos from the subject’s pa.

portrait / fragmentation 8th grade Students can cut up self-portrait photograph after they finish their drawings and have an accompanying piece. Collage with text?:

portrait / fragmentation grade Students can cut up self-portrait photograph and use as basis of a drawing or collage.