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Disney pin-up princess. I love this so much! Like seriously love it. The Little Mermaid is in my top two Favorites! Thinking of a Disney inspired half sleeve with Ariel and Jasmine for my girlies!

All things Tim Burton<3

Funny pictures about Tim Burton's movies in a painting. Oh, and cool pics about Tim Burton's movies in a painting. Also, Tim Burton's movies in a painting photos.

'Fallen princesses', Dina Goldstein La vita triste delle principesse Disney. Dina Goldstein è una fotografa israeliana. Il suo progetto ritrae le protagoniste delle favole quando la fiaba finisce, in una deprimente realtà.

When the fairy tale ends, real life begins…it's actually kind of depressing. OR were we mad to buy into the fairy tale in the first place? is clear-eyed view of life the key to happiness?

Cinderella - Cinderella | Community Post: 19 Delightfully Macabre Disney Heroines

Twisted Princess series by Jeffrey Thomas. I love that he is true to the Disney way-of-drawing combined with a creepy and humorous touch. This drawing of Cinderella cracks me up :)

OMG, Aladdin with snake bites.

Peter Pan & Prince Eric & Aladdin :) Except Aladdin would not have an anchor tattoo. Lets be real here. And nit a fan of this peter pan.