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Golden Retriever A House Is Never Lonely Magnet

Golden Retriever A House Is Never Lonely Magnet

Unconditional love

Dog: Whenever his owner cries, he collects dirty socks and brings them to her. Dirty socks are his favorite things in the world, he thinks things that make him happy will make his owner happy too.

My face may be white but my heart is pure gold. There is no shame in growing old.

Senior Golden Retriever featuring heartwarming 'old dog' quote. Older dogs are a blessing and a joy :) If you are thinking of adopting a dog, how about thinking of an older friend?

I miss my boy so much

This is so cute and heart warming if your a dog lover save this! I love my dog and I never wanna lose him. Treat ur dogs right love them and they won't bite they will love u back.


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Unless you are willing to have a forever dog, dont get one. My forever dog is snoring in my bed right now :)

Oh so true!!!!!!

Very few humans know wgat unconditional L♡VE is, but dogs live to L♡VE unconditionally everyday!♡♡♡Golden Retriever A House Is Never Lonely Post Cards by

Dogs know who is good and who is bad. They are loyal and will treat you with the same respect you treat it with.

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Did you know that when a dog sees their human, their brain secretes the same substances as ours do when we are in love.

Oh my gosh. I really miss my doggy. He is at a pet boarding place until Monday I'm pretty sure. Ah darn

Our fur-babies aren't here forever so let's make their life a great one while we have them!

So sweet, one of my favorite quotes about puppy dogs. "He might be only part of your life, for him, you are his everything, the only person in his whole life." i love my dog

** Don't ever tire of an old friend and dump em.

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