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Growth Advice from a Cherry Tree: Blossom in your own time. Your True Nature

Each postcard says: Advice from a Cherry Tree Celebrate life's beauty Show your true colors Blossom in your own time Share your gifts with others Remember your

Advice from - Denali

Advice from - Denali

Put a smile on someone's face....

Put a smile on someone's face....

Advice from a Raccoon- Bookmark- Your True Nature

Each bookmark says: Advice from a Raccoon Unmask your talents Climb to new heights Be curious Look both ways before you cross the road Avoid junk food Always wa

Beauty Advice from an Eclipse: Glow with Excitement! Your True Nature

Each magnet says: Advice from an Eclipse Cast a long shadow Glow with excitement Have a stellar attitude Embrace a little lunacy Be out of this world!

Advice from the Northern Lights - Bookmark - Your True Nature

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