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The inspiration for this dress followed the first time I saw this fiberoptic product in action. I was at a festival when I saw a bloom of fiber optic jellyfish approach, and they created such a beautiful effect that I knew I had to turn the concept into something wearable. I'd been wanting to incorporate fiber optics into fashion for a while, but this made it clear what I wanted to use and how.

Fiber Optic Dress

Instructables designer Natalie Walsh has created a stunning fiber optic dress that is covered in a free-flowing array of fiber optic filaments. She’s posted detailed instructions on how to make the dress on Instructables.

Fiber Optic Dress Kit Instructables | Fiber Optic Dress Kit

Jellyfish fiber optic dress - guide to making a v-neck dress with layered, flowing fiber optics. Fiber optics from Ants on a Melon. By Natalina, designer at Instructables

Impact Lighting Inc of Central Florida

Wow dont know what this is but it looks like Magic to me / Fiber Optic Fabric.

Because the effect of fiber optics is so fascinating I was thinking about making an oufit for Burning Man with fiber optics and RGB LEDs. It took me s...

Fiber Optic Jellyfish Skirt

Beautiful LED fibre optic jellyfish skirt with Adafruit's Flora micronctroller.

make your own fibre optik dress

Fiber Optic Dress

Wearable Technology is something we're working on. In the meantime here is an image of a Fiber Optic Dress designed by Natalie Walsh and featured on Instructables

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Add to bottom of wedding dress netting skirt. Electronic Luminescence EL Wired Dress by Evanette. via Etsy. one of these days I'll make some neat LED dresses.

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'14 CuteCircuits Lights Up Fashion Week With an LED-Enabled Miniskirt

Kleding met Leds die je zelf kan bedienen via bluetooth. CuteCircuits Lights Up Fashion Week With an LED-Enabled Miniskirt

el wire scarf - Google Search

Light Up Costumes meets High Fashion: dig this EL Wire Dress. Very new wave, futuristic, chanel stylish