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Concept d’emballage écologique par JoAnn Arello.

An eco-friendly food packaging designed to eliminate the need for a plastic bag, by JoAnn Arello.

#www.copperreef.org /// Planificação / unidade

Redesigned Diamond Cigarette Packaging Could Simply Make It Too Inconvenient To Smoke - OhGizmo!

6pack Vase • Recyclart

6pack Vase • Recyclart

Sélection des projets de packaging les plus inspirants réalisés par des étudiants | http://blog.shanegraphique.com/projets-de-packaging-raliss-par-des-tudients/

Sélection des projets de packaging les plus inspirants réalisés par des étudiants

Designed by Jackie Elliott while attending the Visual Communication Design at Brisbane's Queensland College of Art, Australia

Student Spotlight: The Patch

A sophisticated packaging for the Patch Strawberry Farm, designed by Jackie Elliott , a student at the Queensland College of Art, Australia.

Lemoncello - love the homemade packaging.  I've made Lemoncello but it never looked as nice as this : )

Homemade limoncello for favors or holiday gifts, with perfect presentation. Mu husband just made his first batch of limoncello, so this is a great idea!

Donec (Student Work) on Packaging of the World -Magnum is an ice cream with a stick that is known for its thick layer of chocolate and for being addressed to adult consumers. After more than 20 years since its launch in which became a globally recognized brand, Magnum wanted to approach an younger target by producing a new line of ice creams.

Donec (Student Work)

Nicecream Packaging - It should seldom be difficult to sell anything as scrumptious as dessert, and the concept for Tesco Mr. Nicecream packaging would make it even hard.

Fun guerilla packaging by Pierre-Emmanuel Lemaire #design #packaging http://www.arcreactions.com/

Packaging Inspiration

Draw me a Sheep by Pierre-Emmanuel Lemaire. Now you need a cotton wool dispenser in the shape of a bunny with a hole at the tail. So the cotton wool bud sticking out is the tail!