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If I can inspire at least one person, my whole life would be complete. ~Bucket List~

As a future teacher, mother and aunt my goal is to be someone's role model. Being someone's role model will encourage me to always put forth my best. I would be honored to be someone's role model because I would feel that I am respected and admired.


Bucketlist Go on a Spontaneous Adventure ✔ 9 April While looking for a cafe we ended up way past it and decided to keep driving.ended up in Days Bay and got the most amazing burgers, walked along the beach and had ice cream.

In 2013 I gave a young girl the best hair cut and color she said she's ever had. She told me because of the high lights I gave her, that she wouldn't be made fun of anymore. I almost started to cry. I can honestly say that she walked out of the salon a totally different person and had the confidence boost she needed.

We should live to not only effect our lives, but to change someones for the better.

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Done. It's bigger than me now ! Or rather they are.

Me and my family planted about 100 one afternoon in our local park. :) It's really cool to watch them grow. (plants in the house awesome)

in a jar and bring them in the house and see them glow! must be done

Sounds easy, but would be fun to do with fireflies are my goal to catch and trap. (If possible, put the fireflies in some sort of mason jar!) I'll make sure to release them all!


This was a family tradition while growing up with my parents. Every year in December we would go out and pick our own tree at a tree farm and my dad would cut it down.

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