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10 Dairy-free Foods Packed with Calcium http://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-health/10-dairy-free-foods-packed-with-calcium/

10 Dairy-Free Foods Packed With Calcium

Pro vegan: the dairy industry would like to thank you for believing the myth that animal milk gives you strong bones.

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So true, mom thinks I am limited and feels bad for me. I would love to see her switch to a vegan lifestyle so she can see we eat all kinds of food and were actually more limited before.

How to order vegan food in 66 different languages! Cute Travel Cards you can print & put in your wallet when you travel the world!

Planning a business trip or a romantic adventure to a foreign land any time soon? Check out these nifty travel cards that you can print out to help you ask for vegan food when traveling to other countries!

so easy to be a vegan when you stop thinking about yourself for a second and think about the VICTIMS of your choices

The Road to Veganism: Part 2-My Vegan Journey

It is easier now then ever to be vegan. Only our ignorance and marketing efforts from the meat industry stop us.

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Eating animal products is literally paying people to hurt animals for you. It is directly funding animal cruelty.

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the grain & antibiotics used in factory farming could feed hungry people. People that are actually STARVING instead of spoiled and craving bacon, steak or chicken nuggets. But why eat up all the grain?

What one Vegan meal can do ❤ Info-graphic

Just one vegan/vegetarian meal saves this much water, grain, money & your health.


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My Top 8 Must Have Vegan Apps that will make your life so much easier! Get out your iPhone and download these. Being vegan just got easier. #itdoesnttastelikechicken

Top 8 Must Have Vegan Apps

Stores with in-house butchers. | 19 Awkward Moments Every Vegetarian Understands

Stores with in-house butchers.

Stores with in-house butchers. 19 Awkward Moments Every Vegetarian Understands

A funny vegan / vegetarian gift idea that says 'Meat-eater is an old indian phrase for bad gardener' print

Vegan Vegetarian Humor 'Bad Gardener' Poster