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I only recognized this because I read the book.  But it is so true.  I love that she says it to her girl.

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truth...yep this is how an extrovert breaksdown!

falling apart inside when I am quiet. Unfortunately, this is me at work almost all the time now!

Be kind even when you tell the truth. Don't wait for someone else to fix a problem for you and remember the only story you really know is your own.

Please Take Responsibility 4 The Energy U Bring Into This Space ~ 2 This & All Space.

wise saying on taking chances - Google Search

But I've already found that someone who made my heart skip a beat. Almost had a dang heart attack. Thing is, I don't know if his heart skips the same way as mine.


If everybody likes what you are doing, you're doing it wrong. Typography goodness by Chris Piascik

Hating my job and the people around me. Respected myself enough to walk away and take a huge risk. Best choice of my life. Never been happier or more fulfilled. Waking up peaceful and no drama. So long drama, so long!

; )  Illegal- Selling my kidney  Immoral- Doing it for plastic surgery   Fattening- im a fatass junk food junkie  Addictive- Obsessing about being ugly and hating myself   Expensive- Plastic surgery  Impossible- Dreaming about becoming a metamorphmagus like Tonks on Harry Potter so I can change my appearance at will

Everything i like is either illegal, immoral, fattening, addictive, expensive or impossible essencials-for-life

Be who you are

Be weird, be random, be who you are because you never know who would love the person you hide. - Words to live by!

Because Mike is Bi-Polar he has to do this everyday. I am trying to learn from his example.

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