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30 Creative and Funny Snowman Ideas - Clicky Pix this one is Amazing!

Unusual snowman - Here are the most original snow sculptures.We replaced snowman with these funny sculptures.

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They really do sit any where, any time, any place. But they are one of the most adorable breeds around. Here at The Pet Boutique uk our resident test puppy is Phoenix, a British Bulldog.

❤ Is the rug too small or is it just warmer and more padded on top? ❤ Posted on Baggy Bulldogs

❤ Is the rug too small or is it just warmer and more padded on top? ❤ A true dog pile!Posted on Baggy Bulldogs

"I want to give you kisses!"

How wonderful to be greeted by this darling Bully when coming home,

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Dog Fact: When dogs kick after going to the bathroom, they are using the scent glands on their paws to further mark their territory.

Are you coming to bed yet?.. #Bulldog

Top 10 Funny Bulldogs - A Funny Bulldog Videos Compilation 2015 Here are top 10 funny videos of funny bulldogs. It's 10 funniest bulldog videos that we found recently. Bulldogs are awesome. So check out this funny bulldog compilation.

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❤ Nice and easy weekend morning ~ just made for snuggles ❤ Posted on English Bulldog Lovers Page


❤ "Josephine" @ 8 weeks --- just melts your heart into a puddle --- so precious. ❤ Posted on Bulldog Pics