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Timing and Direction Mini Hoops

Timing and Direction Mini Hoops

I am figuring out hooping and kind of love it. Anything (barre, SUP, etc) that feels more like play than working out is tops in my book 7 days - 7 pounds. Simple.

10 Hula Hoop Exercises to Get Beyoncé Abs

10  Team Building Activities for Adults and Kids, http://hative.com/team-building-activities-for-adults-and-kids/,

10+ Team Building Activities for Adults and Kids

30 day hula hoop challenge

30 day hula hoop challenge - seems like fun and i bet its a decent work out but maybe there should be some break days in between

Hula Hoop tent tutorial. Using pink or lavender tulle would be really pretty.

DIY Bedroom Furniture :DIY Canopy Bed : DIY play tent (with lights) // I NEED ONE OF THESE! Diy reading nook: get chair and put in selected area in bedroom. put canopy on ceiling directly over chair. line canopy with lights. cover chair in blankets.

Health benefits of hula hooping

Health Benefits of Hula Hooping Will Surely Raise Your Eyebrows

Health benefits of hula hooping. I think maybe it's time for my weighted hula hoop to quit sitting behind my office door!

I love hula hooping!!!  How many calories does hooping burn? Is it a good way to get in shape? Here's what you need to know

Is Hooping Really a Workout? We Tried It to Find Out!

8 Fun-Filled Hula Hoop Exercises for Better Fitness. There are so many fun ways you can get in a good workout--try this one with a hula-hoop!

How to Make a Hula-Hoop Chandelier | HGTV

How to Make a Hula-Hoop Chandelier

Thrifty design diva and host of Secrets From a Stylist Emily Henderson hits the dollar store to discover how to create a trendy chandelier on the cheap.

Fantastic!  I love this!  A hula hoop loom, old t-shirt as the warp, and finger knitted strand as the weft.  Great weaving and knitting project for children

Woven Finger-Knitting Hula-Hoop Rug DIY

flax & twine: Woven Finger-Knitting Hula-Hoop Rug DIY, teach kids how to finger knit for bigger thread to weave, when they have free time they can add to the rug. Make these throughout the year for a fun display.