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To all the #fangirls of #souske #yamazaki he is real<<<<i still prefer anime version but oh my >/////<

To all the of Souske Yamazaki he is real<<<< I still prefer anime version but oh my >/////<


Photo of a whale and dolphin and fanart of Makoto kissing Haru. (Oh the minds of some!) but also, it's hinaru, not makoharu!

Una serie fotográfica refleja la doble vida de los soldados LGB estadounidenses antes de derogarse el “Don’t ask, don’t tell” Hans | Dos Manzanas, 2015-02-28 http://www.dosmanzanas.com/2015/02/una-serie-fotografica-refleja-la-doble-vida-de-los-soldados-lgb-estadounidenses-antes-de-derogarse-el-dont-ask-dont-tell.html

Gay Military Men reflecting image LGBT Human Rights Freedom Equality Gay Men are the strongest of all men

10 Fresh Memes Today!#2 Kids Going Places: Using iPad As Book Stand.

AND MAY THEY HAVE MANY WONDERFUL CHILDREN and fanfictions so we Free! fangirls can read about it.

When i saw this a thousand years started playing. Whenever i see reigisa photos,love songs come on.

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For the RinHaru fangirls XD (I'm a MakoHaru fan, but this was too funny not to…

((This is why everyone should watch the abridged version of Free!, 50 Percent Off.)) <~ Octopimp is amazing! Everyone go watch this quick!