Skippy  Vintage Schnauzer  by AnimalFancy

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Actress Dakota Johnson with Her Dog | Looks like a Schnauzer to me! What do you think?

EXCLUSIVE: He's no Christian Grey! Revealed, Fifty Shades star Dakota

What you want seems out of reach. | These Mini Schnauzers Will Solve All Of Your Problems

What you want seems out of reach. | These Mini Schnauzers Will Solve All Of Your Problems

fearthebeards:    Celebrities Love Schnauzers : Mary Tyler Moore

Mare Tyler Moore with her Darling little Salt and Pepper miniature Schnauzer named Shana , what a Beautiful Picture💕

Usher with his dog


Usher Raymond and Mr. Scottie Benson new standard Schnauzer's name is Usher Roy.

Brad Pitt Looks like a Schnauzer: Top 10 Celebrity Dog Look-A-likes

celebrities that look someone or something else, funny stuff for the soul

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Miniature Schnauzer Inspirational Art Print by Ginger Oliphant

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Celebrity Katherine Heigl w/ Mini Schnauzer Romeo

Romeo y Katherine - Katherine Heigl's schnauzer Before the actress found love with her musician husband, she fell for her miniature schnauzer, Romeo. Romeo's good looks inspired this Australian designer to create a line of pajamas in his likeness.

Charlie the schnauzer w/Esther Williams

Esther Williams and her beloved schnauzer, Max. Esther would sing the "Indian Love Call" and Max would sing along!