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Ah for the days when you could still paint a logo to a dog's face. Guess the animal right's activists got to them.

The best kind of geeky is where many forms of geekdom meet.

Funny Venn Diagram Shows Where the Dark Side Lives - by Heng Swee Lim

While it may look like a man it also shows their company name. If you get reed of the dot(eye) you are left with G and L.

50 Excellent Circular Logos

LG Logo - I want to try and create my logo within a circle and have my type flow around it

6 Clever Logo Designs

Here's a list of 20 extremely clever logo designs. The trick is to look into the logos, see what they are based on and figure out the hidden message!

This logo shows Gestalt's principle of closure - despite the colors, we see the little vertical cut out in the center. With that line we assume the figure is a peacock, and closure fills in that image, our perception completes the whole. Also shown here are principles of Proximity (by the closeness of the separate 6 colored pieces), and Similarity because all the colored pieces, and the cut out piece in the middle, are the same shape (other than the cut out we assume is the peacock's beak).

The NBC logo demonstrates gestalt - when we view it, our eyes fill in the missing information (i. there are not really lines sepearting the objects demonstrating feathers) to form the completed figure of a peacock.

25 Famous Logos With Hidden Images

25 Famous Logos With Hidden Images

Have you ever noticed that some of the most famous logos have hidden images in them? Come take a look with us as we decipher their meaning.

Image result for wordmarks

Image result for wordmarks

Micah House Logo Design

Micah House Logo Design

Skype for Business - Netfirst

Skype for Business - Netfirst

SPORTSWEAR ??: Footwear: Nike Air Force 1 ��07 LV8

New Nike Roshe $19 on

The other Italian shoemaker in the family. Can you imagine what it would be like combining Puma and Adidas?

Famous Logos Over Time - IBM

RDi SOA Technical Sales Mastery Test Exam Code- Release / Update Date-Aug 2015 Question and Answer: 45 Edition: Free Test Engine Included