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The Best Zodiac Facts

Wow, I thought I had issues. Thanks the Aquarian in me for making me feel slightly less nuts ;and prob very true.

Aquarius, Goldfish Bowl, Aquarium, Merman, Fish Tank

Pero si estoy callada, y me preguntas en qué pienso, te lo diré, aunque no te guste!

Aquarians usually say exactly what they're thinking or will stay completely silent. Anyone who knows me knows this is exactly how I am.

Very true.  Treat me like gold, and I'll treat you the same.  Treat me like shit, and you'll get it in return.

An Aquarius decides how they should treat you mostly based on how you treat them first. My Bday is and this is SO TRUE FOR ME lol :-)

Aquarius - learn how to interact with others through observation

"Aquarians are verbally skilled and quite witty. They observe people and learn how to interact with others through observation.

Conversation can drain me of energy sometimes

The Best Zodiac Facts

this usually means I'm comfortable enough around Umtomwere the silence does not feel,awkward. I hate that will become overly talkative to avoid it.

Aquarius pay close attention!

Aquarians can read people very well, they know the second they meet you if they want you in their life or not.