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Analog texting device. Directions: write an action item that pops in your head. Later, transfer to master task list. Not free but worth it.

Moleskine SMS Shooting Message System by Pietro Corraini A hack that celebrates the anniversary of SMS texting. Thanks to the elastic band, the Moleskine notebook is turned into a ballistic.

Art journal pages and inspiration - ideas for travel journaling and art journaling.

The post says, "It's hard to keep up with an illustrated journal/calendar, but totally worth it." I agree! SW: LOVE to create an illustrated journal for a grandmother to share her memories with grandchildren and further generations.

I love buildings!

Previous pinner said: "Moleskin art. I think I recognize this as the art of Mattias Adolfsson, but I could be totally wrong. Still, if you don't know who Mattias Adolfsson is, you should definitely look him up ^_^"

I love Andrea Joseph's work!

Sketchbook and watercolor ideas - inspiration for keeping a travel journal, art journal, or scrapbook

Wanneer woord en beeld elkaar ontmoeten in dagelijkse gedachten.

Can a sketchbook double as an art journal? It seems to be a place where art and words can come together. i am totally in love with this art journal!

Nice Fucken Life - erinbowman: Incredible Moleskine drawings by.

Absolutely Fantastic style in this sketchbook. Not sure who the artist is. There's a link below...however it's a Chinese site, so I'm confused about whether or not this is an artist showcasing their work, or if this is a Chinese Pinterest style board/blog.

I just realized that Grandma Marilyn had her own version of a junk journal/ art journal/ smashbook, decades before they became a trend! She had little notebooks similar to this, in which she doodled and glued magazine clippings with artsy stuff.

Ubiquitous in every art school and artist’s tool box, the humble graphite drawing pencil has an interesting history. In the 16th century graphite came into use as a marking medium in England …

Graphite Drawings

Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Sketchbook of travels in Scotland: Plant study, 1895