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Wanting to die.

Severe depressive symptoms from masking ungrieved grief! Depression Grief Sadness Suicidal overwhelmed alone hopeless anxiety insomnia heartbroken broken heart suicide

I just wanna sleep forever quotes quote girl sad lonely teen quotes. Uhhh yeah no, I just want to sleep forever cuz I love sleep.

Ooit zelf de pispaal geweest. Gevolg negatief zelfbeeld, maar ik ben niet bij de pakken neer gaan zitten. De handschoen opgepakt. Sociaal gezien, kunnen naar mijn overtuiging mensen die ooit zijn gepest, de gevolgen mee- en bij zich dragen...

Anti-Bullying poster by ~TheWillowWitch on deviantART Bullying can rip the wings off of an innocent. Don't bully, prevent it.

I just want to feel loved for once I want to feel loved by the one I love the most

As far back as I can remember when someone asked me how I was, I always responded with the word fine. Way back even in elementary school. === I feel these but realize I'm still loved

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"They just kept coming, and I couldn’t shut them off.” “Shut what off?” “The memories, thoughts, pictures, whatever.basically all the things that live in the brain.