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Top Beauty Fashion Photographers-Celebrity Editorials Vogue Advertising Professional Commercial: Yadim Makeup Artist Plexiglass Graphic Colorful Dramatic Shadow Beauty Shoot with Model Camila Costa

Jourdan Miller by Maggie West for Zink Magazine

Maggie West is a Los Angeles based artist specializing in experimental lighting resulting in colorful, surreal photographs.

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Full Color - Natasha Poly models futuristic and colorful beauty looks for the May issue of Vogue Paris, lensed by Mario Sorrenti.

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emotion: pleasure effect; looks like the model within the photograph is moving. Gives the onlooker the feeling of being intoxicated or on a certain drug.

You Will Not Believe These Bizarre Old Photos

You Will Not Believe These Bizarre Photos From the Past

Chicken and Boy Smoking Smokes Cigarette Vintage Image from 1920 Funny Unique Photo Photography Sepia Black & White Print Cute Weird

I love hard light. I love the shadows it creates and the colors it brings out. I also love the convenience it affords. I work exclusively with small flash,

Shaping Hard Light from a Small Off-Camera Flash for Dramatic Portraits

Function: Modeling- I love this picture because of how the red light subtly sculpts out the upper part of her face

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Matthew Guido is a photographer from Ontario, Canada and in his latest series Eye Candy, Guido tests the limits of light and colors. Captivated by Ren.

Winner of the prestigious International Photography Awards CIS George Mayer is an amazing photographer born in Nizhny Tagil, Russia.

Jake Hicks Photography

lhzthepoet: “ Mythology Around the World: Common Themes: Tricksters and Chaos ”


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