surface fragments: Alphonse Mucha, 'Le Pater' Part II

Stunning 'aquarelle originale', by A. Mucha, from the frontispiece of Le Pater You might think that a goldfish, if granted one wish, wou.

Alphonse Mucha - Study for 'Comedy'

Kunst-Art: van Alfons M.MUCHA ~Study for a mural for the German Theatre, New York

Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939), Memory of Ivančice, 1903

bnreimels: “ artemisdreaming: “ Memory Of Ivancice - Alphonse Mucha ” TumbleOn) ”

Alphonse Mucha’s “Le Pater,” an illustrated edition of the Lord’s Prayer.

Le Pater

resourcesnstuff: “ Le Pater - Alphonse Mucha ” Printed by F. Champenois and published by Henri Piazza in Paris, Le Pater, consisted of a series of seven drawings. The seven verses of the Lord’s.

Alphonse Mucha. Weeping Girl.

Weeping Girl: Alphonse Mucha : Style: Symbolism - Genre: sketch and study Technique: pastel on paper