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Old Farm House.I can't help but think of the souls that once lived in this home and how awesome it must have been at one time.

"Abandoned Homestead" -- [Jonesville, Lee County, Virginia]~[Photograph by Monkey Muck - November 24 2010]'h4d-250.2013'

OLD FARMHOUSE.This is my dream, to be gifted an old house that needs love, to fix it up, to make it full of life, inside and out

I have this pinned but this is a much bigger picture. This abandoned farmhouse is in rural West Virginia.


Abandoned older home in Glen Alpine, Western North Carolina. What a dream home, just gotta give it a little dusting.

Shotgun House, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1999 Brian Vanden Brink photography

Abandoned shotgun house in New Orleans, Louisiana. These are very common in New Orleans. But even more common by a large margin are the shotguns with two windows and front door and double versions of it.

House - Pixdaus

Not a fan of breaking into creepy old houses? Keep things safe and spooky with these three brilliant board games set in haunted houses! It's a Halloween treat!

I don't know where this is but can you imagine what this place was like in it's prime.

This house was built circa 1759 by Philemon Hawkins in Vance County, NC. Pleasant Hill aka 'Riven Oaks' 1938 photo by Frances B. Courtesy, Library of Congress.

Elija Mims House, c.1910, Clanton, Alabama Built by Elijah H. Mims around 1890-1910. The land was given to Mims by the government to be used for farming. The house was built using heart pine that was harvested from the cleared land. I-65 eventually consumed much of the land, and the house was demolished in August 2013.

still pretty (some old homes in Alabama. According to the descriptions, most of them are gone now. Only about 7 or 8 pics altogether. ~ SW) I LOVE this house!

Love this style of house

spellbound-one: forgotten house. how curious are those diamond shaped windows?Love this house

As the children emerged from the woods they came across an abandoned house. There were boards over the windows and the paint was peeling. “That house is scary,” said the youngest from behind The skirts of the eldest. “It’s empty sweetie. Nothing there can hurt you,” she said embracing her scared siblings. They went into the house. Later that night, a scream coming from the attic.

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crying out for some plants . School for Girls The warm autumn sunlight falls through the windows and creates the perfect condition for these ferns to flourish.

Tiny abandoned old farm house There should be a registry somewhere to list abandoned properties so somebody can obtain and restore them.