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I have no idea where this would go in our house but love it! hutch studio: Paper House Lights at Hutch


Paper houses - Anthropologie window display 2012 this would be cool for halloween with black paper houses More Más

Oude theekopjes gebruikt als lampenkapje. Door ilsoris

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Wedding Idea {DIY Tip} Glue the tea cups to their saucers. String an power cable with light fitting through each and suspend above your wedding tables! Or just make a light fixture for AIW room :)

Castle Lights

Easy DIY Crafts: DIY candle craft love these DIY castle lights for Harry Potter Party ---- great for a child's room with the no flame candles or even a bottle with twinkle lights in it!

Zelf papieren huisjes maken . Leuk!

DIY paper house luminary project with free template - light up train village for bottom of Christmas tree?

9GAG - Awesome books are awesome

Awesome books are awesome

Altered Book Art by Brian Dettmer. The book lover in me is horrified at altering these books but the art is amazing!

Jellyfish hanging lights - I bet we could make these out of cheesecloth/some kind of fabric that wouldn't burn - maybe some LED bulbs in there/in the tentacles??

The Jellyfish Pendant Lamp Design - There are some ways to create a beautiful room, one of the way invites a decorative lamp. a person who really love diving, this Pendant lamp is suit to apply in your room. The jellyfish forms is reflect


Paper cut lampshades are nice and we can use them to make the home look a lot better. These shades can also be different designs if that is something you want.