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Powerful motivational 'running' quote by Maurice Greene

Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up. Every morning a lion wakes up. It doesn't matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle. When the sun comes up. You had better be running.

Some awesome quotes we complied for you - 15 Awesome Fitness Motivation Quotes/Pics For Women: http://healthandhappyhour.com/15-awesome-fitness-motivation-quotespics-for-women/

15 Motivational Fitness Quotes

Some awesome quotes we complied for you - 15 Awesome Fitness Motivation Quotes/Pics For Women: healthandhappyhou.

i got this training thing DOWN.

Fit Motivation: "Today I do what others wont so tomorrow I can do what others can't.

I need to get this through my head some days.

Quote : "Think a 20 minute workout won't do anything? Well it's sure as hell better than a 0 minute workout.

10 Reasons I Love to Run -Momo

So true. If you told me that I would be running miles I would have laughed and told you that you had me confused with somebody else. I cry at some point during each run not because I'm in pain but because it reminds me how incredibly lucky I am.

You don’t need fancy shoes, clothes, or tech to make an unbelievable change. Transformation derives from your heart and mind. That’s the beauty of fitness — you don’t need anything but yourself to improve.

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Getting Over the Hump: My Body, My Image

Getting Over the Hump: My Body, My Image

A point said: Crossfit is helping me to set goal for strength and healthy body versus old goals to be "stick skinny" even of the scale doesn't move or my pants don't get smaller my body will be toned and beautiful :)

The benefits of running ;)

The 500-Calorie Treadmill Workout

Good Running Motivational Quotes :) Top 15 reasons why I need to start running. Ill do everything but run, and i think its time to give it a good try.

That was my thoughts before i started Insanity.. Now i believe i can do anything

never thought i could run a half marathon! One of the greatest feelings is accomplishing something you once thought would have been impossible. Via fb/runlikeagirlbc

KingPinner BobbyGinnings

Motivate Me

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I'm always setting little fitness goals for myself such and this week I have been making friends with the purple plate in different areas/classes than normal.

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"When in doubt, workout." So true, and such a great workout motivation quote.

Working on 13.1 right now. And does anyone else think it looks like this chick is about to roll her ankle?

Love the run! Respect the distance. Do the work! By the time I'm 21 I want to run my first half marathon. By the time I'm 24 after my masters degree I wanna run my first full marathon.