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A USMC Scout Sniper and spotter pair with Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Special Operations Capable (SOC). The sniper is armed with a rifle.

sniper tactical concealment suit

Sniper Garment Kit DIY- Get camo uniform, sew camo-colored net onto it, fill net with the items around which you will hide.

If you run, you'll only die tired.

I'm sorry who ever loves me, but I'm training to be a marine sniper when I'm 18 and no body can stop me unless it's my girl cause that would be hard to leave OR JESUS AND GOD.

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Things believers say vs Things believers do, Part 2

AMEN and most likely say OH GOD- The Amendment - Gun Rights - Zombies and or humor

Look closely - there's a female -

Funny and or stupid signs about guns. Funny signs about the second amendment. Funny signs and quotes about gun control.

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more is better

Rules for a Gunfight: Bring a gun. Preferably bring at least two guns. Bring all of your friends who have guns.

No Mercy

If they stand behind you, give them protection. If they stand beside you, give them respect. If they stand against you. No mercy!

Savage 11vt 308

Savage 308 Tall, dark and handsome. That's a nice looking rifle. Guns and gold - we like both!