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Great collection of world street art, graffiti, wall murals and urban art from the world's great street artists / See more graffiti art online on Mr Pilgrim

Suits any topic you want ... #politics

In this image, we see a young man holding a paint brush and bucket filled with red paint, correcting graffiti on a wall which reads "Enjoy your life." The boy has taken a paintbrush and crossed out the letter "F" so it now reads: "Enjoy your lie.

The Black struggle has caused many people to loose faith in our government, and even though we see countless Black faces in political office today, that still does not mean that we've "made it." Instead, we

It's tough these days to convince people who think their votes don't count of how vital it is for them to vote in this election. If you know anybody who's expressed that feeling to you, please try to convince them that without everybody's vote, we could


Picture of the Day: Graffiki - aaaah Disney street art, the Lion King and Rafiki!

The love that springs from imperfection and binds weakness to weakness is much more lovely.

'There is something better than perfection': Street Art By Herakut In Frankfurt For The Giant Story Book Project.

Banksy street art graffiti Love this Banksy art

Banksy street art graffiti Love this Banksy art i would put this in my art bored but i love it in this bored instead!

Street Artist: Rems 182

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Street Artist: Rems 182 Many of the street artists are better then a lot of well known ones . You can see a lot of living in them .

Artist: case

German Graffiti Artist, Case, is one of the four members of the “Maclaim Crew”, which was founded in 2000 and is considered as pioneers in photo-realistic representation within the graffiti scene.

40 Powerful Photos Show Why Banksy Is the Spokesman of Our Generation - MicWhat does it all mean?

40 Powerful Photos Show Why Banksy Is the Spokesman of Our Generation - Mic

street art

Street artist sends enviromental messages with stencils and paint

The graffiti and street art on this list is perfect for spreading messages . Powerful Street Art Pieces That Tell The Uncomfortable Truth.

STREET ART UTOPIA » We declare the world as our canvasstreet_art_november_14 » STREET ART UTOPIA

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