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Because Israel--as biblically boundaried--was GIVEN by GOD to the HEBREW people, and none other. If God doesn't want them to have it anymore, He is perfectly capable of removing it from them. But woe to those who try to take it away--WOE!

Only Israel-Muslims want to DOMINATE you dictating EVERY ASPECT of your life. There IS NO TOLERANCE or COMPROMISE.

Stand with Israel, stand with the right of Israel to exist.

You should not have too! ❤

פטריק פולוק on

The days of the Jewish people lining up waiting to be murdered are over, Israel will defend herself, G-D Bless ISRAEL

How to support Israel. 8 ways to see how you can show your love and support for Israel. Please read this brief list - blessings!

The future cannot and does not belong to those who don& love and support the Nation of Israel. Their God is our God. Their people are our people. Bless them Heavenly Father.

All About The Tallis: Infographic

Rabbi Wedding (Tallis Infographic)- This tallis is the more formal version of a tallit. This should be worn by the Rabbi during the wedding scene.

ISRAEL IS A PEOPLE! NOT A COUNTRY! The bible says YAH will give the Israelites the Promise Land, not Rothschild giving stolen land to khazars!!!

According to Genesis and Joshua the land God gave to Israel included…