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I can only tolerate touching by people I really like. Otherwise, no touchee.

This is so unbelievably true. I have no problem hugging my parents or my boyfriend but I feel awkward hugging other people. My best guy friends are different though.

I'm kind of a walking contradiction... Virgo sun, Aquarius rising, Pisces moon. Doesn't help that my sun & moon are polar opposites... LOL!

I'm kind of a walking contradiction. Doesn't help that my sun & moon are polar opposites. // lol same. I'm a Leo sun and Aquarius moon :^)

aquarius . well i know i don't give easily of myself.

Aquarians do not give of themselves easily. Consider yourself lucky if you have a close one in your midst.

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The Aquarius woman.

The Aquarius woman wants to settle with one man that can be her rock. So true :P