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The Lunar Chronicles crew as memes #tlc

The Lunar Chronicles crew as memes I love that Kinney is apart of this! Him + Iko are my otp

Source: blogofthebooks (tumblr)(I can see this happening)

Idk what you're talking about thorne jacin doesn't have a phone

Source: oh-my-stars-lunar-chronicles tumblr

Source: oh-my-stars-lunar-chronicles tumbr I was thinking about that!

Yes! Exactly, he'd be like, "Oh trust me, I have no reason for wanting to shoot you in the first place. Because it's not like I've been your servant for the last 2 years and if I wasn't the one shooting, you'd be using me to take the bullets. That's totally not at all something you'd do and I'm so so so so sorry about shooting you. Please forgive me ;)"

The Lunar Chronicles: Cress (Marissa Meyer)

TLC Rampion Crew + Uno

Nobody bluffs draw fours after Thorne tries and Cinder is like "You know the lie detector still works, right?" (She's also bluffing, but Thorne acts guilty.

winter marissa meyer | Tumblr

winter marissa meyer | Tumblr

Source: regolithheart (tumblr)

That woupd be hilarious

By Kieran

By Kieran

Sobbing internally and uncontrollably. ( nice work tho!)

The Lunar Chronicles: Cress (Marissa Meyer) Beautiful

Arbores Loqui Latine

The Lunar Chronicles

Ha! Like cinder could manage in a dress for 5 seconds without getting it dirty?<<<-------- lol!

The Lunar Chronicles - Winter - Cress - Scarlet - Cinder

Dr. Erland THIS WAS SO HORRIBLY SAD!!! I am mad at Dr. Erland though. He knew almost the entire time and didn't tell Cress until he was dying!!

Ughhhh I bawled my eyes out

Crónicas Lunares.

This is the drawing I'm using in my Lunar Chronicles bookmark design. Anailui / Giiuliana<<< it's amazing<< Yass