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Cart Before The Horse

Anthropomorphic Pine Tree Original by CartBeforeTheHorse on Etsy

Cielo Bird-- Contemporary Folk Art Doll-- Made to order within a week. $140.00, via Etsy. 9 1/2 "

Cielo Bird-- Contemporary Folk Art Doll--inspirational concept for folk art doll

Mushroom Folk Art Doll Amanita Toadstool by cartbeforethehorse

Cart Before The Horse Contemporary Folk Art by Dylan and Jo Mushroom-- Folk Art Doll Amanita Toadstool-- Made to order within a week

Tree Elf Christmas Ornament-- Folk Art-- Printed and Stuffed Fabric. $12.00, via Etsy.

The Red Queen of Hearts-- Contemporary Folk Art Doll Sculpture - Hand Painted Original by Cart Before The Horse

Monster Contemporary Folk Art Doll Zoee Bug by CartBeforeTheHorse

Strawberry Christmas Ornament-- Original Folk Art Doll-- Printed, Sewn, and Stuffed Fabric