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<3 so true...parents raise their children racist, they're not born racist.

Griffin decides to move his family to Mexico when the hostility in Mansfield doesn't stop. A negro boy is helping Griffin pack up his parents house when they get to talking about racism. Griffin tells the boy nobody is born racist, but taught to hate.

Everyone smiles in the same language... this is one of the many reasons why i have such love for languages.

A great smile! I have had this picture under my quote section for a little while and although you can't see her mouth you can tell this little one is bursting with joy! Smiles on little ones faces are just precious.


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Paulo Coelho's quote: «A child can teach an adult three things: To be happy for no reason. To always be curious. To fight tirelessly for something.

I don't have a daughter, but one day will possibly have a daughter-in-law. Maybe even a grand-daughter. To them, and my nieces, and sister's I LOVE YOU>

"Let my girls be Hermiones rather than Pansy Parkinsons. Let them never be Stupid Girls." JK Rowling on raising daughters. - Thinking smart girls is what this world needs! (men have done enough ;

Children learn racism and hatred from the people in their lives, their culture and their environment. Racism and hatred are learned not inherent. But look at this we live in a racist world x


The soul is healed by being with children. ~☆~the soul IS healed by being with children ~☆~

Truly Amazing!

just because you don`t look like the other " crayons" in the box. DOES NOT mean you still can`t make the most beautiful pictures! DON`T you EVER give up on YOU! You are simply AMAZING! - I love this quote! It's got me through some tough times xx

God created everyone the way they are. And it is GOOD. ((Friends don't count chromosomes.))

This baby is beautiful. I am so inspired by children with down syndrome, I just want to hug every one I see.

♥ Nelson Mandela ♥ “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must l...

~Nelson Mandela ~ "No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion . People must learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.

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10 Things Children Will Always Remember

The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice~ Peggy O'Mara Ellie talks to stuffed animals, dolls, her younger brothers, other kids.the SAME way we talk to HER. It's kind of scary.

Remind children they are wonderful and they will become it  ||  pixels courtesy of Hollie Holden Love  ||  William Martin  #williammartin #quote

Remind Children They Are Wonderful {Quotable Mondays}

"You do not have to make your children in to wonderful people. You just have to remind them that they are wonderful people. If you do this consistently from the day they are born they will believe it easily." -- William Martin by Naghma

Who doesn't miss being a kid again after seeing this moment captured on camera.

use your smile to change this world don't let this world change your smile. world life quotes quotes cute positive quotes quote kids smile life life quote inspirational quotes happy quotes


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as a special education teacher and parent of a child with special needs, people tell me I must be a special kind of person to do what I do.