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Look closer. This is hilarious cause I've been there and didn't notice.

Look closer.

Did anyone else look at the last one and did the shocked anime nose

Mutated Bulbasaur

Mutated Bulbasaur

I wonder if there are any mutated pokemon. Thst would actually be a preety intresting idea fir the next game

But you know, I never expected a professor to propose to another professor in Pokemon of all places.

Seriously Ash? XD

Ash tells us what is hot and cool

getting real tired of your crap Ash <<< Ash is beautiful and I love him so much

Blast off at the speed of light, you magnificent bastard!

I am a James fangirl. He's so cute and nice, yet funny! He is the Pokemon master! James and Team Rocket!

When you run out of pokeballs

This has happened to me with a CHARZARD before but it only had 104 CP I'm not even joking

Ash Ketchum logic. Pokemon humor

Ash, you stupid f*cktard

I bet Ash fell for it because James was wearing an official looking mustache


Amor de amigos.

Loyalty Pokemon Style - how much more awesome would Sherlock be if they had Pokemon. what whould Sherlock have