Dude, this Connie is so well drawn!! Credit to whoever blessed us with creating this beautiful masterpiece!

"Explanation for why Connie has those scars in the future au when Steven has HEALING SPIT"<<<Technically even if a wound heals magically that doesn't mean that the tissue wont scar or discolor but I don't know magic.

steven universe lion wallpaper - Buscar con Google

crayonchewer: Lion has the Best character design. A+++ design. Debate over. (oh who am I kidding, all of Steven Universe has A+ designs) I think Lion’s going to be really REALLY important somehow, I can just feel it!

Cute comic I found on Tumblr

Cute comic I found on Tumblr

I'm in love with these older versions of Steven and Connie! And I need to stop pinning Steven Universe things.

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Steven is starting to lose faith in his mother,it's almost like there working up to an ep where he gets reassured by.