You are driving home to your family for the holidays...

National emergency.

nationalemergency Suddenly the radio cuts out and you pull over to a house, running to the door to answer you questions no one will tell you anything

Awesome prompt but I feel like this is how I would die: "yeah ill take a chocolate milkshake and large fries-" *bang!


A bizarre message.

As part of an art installation you're doing, you stand in the street dressed in white from head to toe with a sign inviting people to draw on you. Someone leaves you a bizarre message.

Writing Prompt: He looks down at the table and then back at you, "I have been meaning to tell you this for a while now, but I didn't wan't to scare you... I am your great great great grandson and I was told to give this to you when the time came."

Writing Prompt -- The old man had been coming to the diner for months. Jackie always served him. Today he asked her to sit at the table. He had a small white envelope in front of him.

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My lord.

Check out this writing prompt! This is an interesting Sci-Fi idea. Tell me in the comments about the story you would write using this prompt as inspiration.

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The most prized.

writing prompt - Biological functions have became the new currency, with a dystopian government controlling the amount granted to each. Sleep is the most prized, with the elite resting peacefully regularly while poor are kept awake for days at a time.

aquickread<---Twist: You sometimes hate it because you don't get the pleasure of just sitting down with a good book anymore. However, you are blazing through your reading list.

A quick read.

Rule blocks for bar essay Bar Exam Doctor FULL OUTLINE Bar Exam Doctor. P sues D for an injunction to tear down part of his house that blocks P’s view, b.

He had to save me. He always did. And if he didn't save me, well, then what was the point in living anyway?

I simled as air rushed past my face and the ground grew ever closer. After years of living, I was ready for whatever hell awaited me.

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Don’t open.

She is a beautiful “fairytale” girls who was tragically locked away or at leat that’s what she tells you. you later find out the darker truth about why her kingdom was forced to lock her away