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Where dreams are born by Rookshock . How to train your dragon, toothless, night fury, dragon:


(Will we have dragon riders?) Between two Battles by Marina Kleyman - dragons, art, fantasy, elves - Art of Fantasy



White Dragon by ChaoyuanXu on deviantART

Add some windows to that mountain, and we may have a wizard's tower winner (White Dragon by ChaoyuanXu on deviantART)

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Anne Stokes

Stunning fantasy creatures in incredible snaps which are like myths through modern digital art. These fantasy creatures are something popular and everyone just


Holy crap this would be awesome as the cover to my short story, "The Remains of Winter"! Icedragon by raqmo

News Flash..... Dragons to be reintroduced to Wales after an absence of more than a 1000 years , local conservation groups say they are pleased by the move that will put a large predator back in the food chain ....  other danger with the dragons eating habits of taking virgins is not thought to be a problem as they went extinct in Wales may years ago anyway......Snopes Fauxtography Archive article by Dan Evon.

Now if you look at him long enough, count to ten and sing happy birthday backwards, you will realize that you are crazy enough to try that. GO DRAGONS, WOO!