Goro Fujita, Long Tail Creature spitpaint https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151983082291945&set=gm.1482243221993937&type=1

Long Tail Creature by Goro Fujita - quick color block background and blur to give "out of focus" feeling (paper art?

Goro Fujita

Umbrella's and Robots Concept Art by Goro Fujita--------------------- this is how the future started

Artista digital: Alejandro Burdiso Ilustraciones | COCHES CLASICOS DE HOY

BURDA - Alejandro Burdisio ilustraciones added 145 new photos to the album: Escenarios.

jakubsan: ‘dark infantry‘ concept art from my

ArtStation - 1920 - dark infantry, by Jakub RozalskiMore concept art here.

You're In A Giant Robot Suit. You Could Be Helping, You Know - the 1920s needed more giant mechs and kotaku.com provides them.

You're In A Giant Robot Suit. You Could Be Helping, You Know

"The Art Of Animation, Jakub Różalski" A meeting of love? Fantastical maternal duties, motherly love to a child created with magic? Food for a wandering mind.

history lsd

"Cory Godbey is an illustrator and animator based in Greenville, South Carolina whose work utilizes elegant lines, stylized drawing and deep, carefully limited color palettes to achieve wonderful effe (Top Design Drawing)

I'll Be Watching You by Angela Moore

Angela Moore, aka Razriel (deviantART), is 22 years old talented illustrator based in Los Angeles area. She usually works with pen and ink, watercolor, pencil and photoshop. The girl stands out due to her warm colors against the cool colors around her.

Eldrich Abominations - Imgur

Eldrich Abominations

Leviathan from Titanfall Sci-Fi science fiction image gamescapes