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The art of Federico Uribe, Miami, America - made from colored pencils

Art from everyday objects: the work of Federico Uribe

Federico Uribe, a Colombian artist, uses everyday objects like pencils, footwear and shoe laces to create incredible artworks

Scription: Dalton M. Ghetti's Pencil Sculptures

Having known Dalton only from reports of his pencil sculptures, meeting him in person is an entirely different story. Some named him king of miniature sculpture, microscopic artist, to me he is a down to earth carpenter enjoying his hobby.

federico uribe

federico uribe

Halo . 24" x 24" . Colored Pencils . 2010 .

Split Pencil and Cassette Sculptures by David Poppie sculpture pencils cassettes

Peter Trevelyan‘s delicate sculptures are all made from .5 mm pencil lead - via jeanniejeannie

Incredibly Stunning Geometric Sculptures Made of Pencil Lead - Wave Avenue

Federico Uribe’s Pencilism sculptures made of coloured pencil tips

Federico Uribe Creates Incredible Sculptures From Thousands of Colored Pencil Tips

~For a large hanging ice cream cone, Federico Uribe combined the pink pencils that made up the scoop and cherry with his signature use of other hardware objects - dozens of plastic fasteners make up the cone.


Giant colored pencil sculptures by Finnish artist, Jonna Pohjalainen.

Pencil Sculptures by Lionel Bawden

Pattern Spill III, 2011 coloured Staedtler pencils, epoxy, incralac on perspex shelf form: x x cm, shelf: x x cm

Jennifer Maestre’s

These incredible sea creatures are made from dangerously sharp colored pencils


pencil carving heart-leav chain by cerkahegyzo on DA. (yes, the chain was carved from pencil lead.



pencil carving by cerkahegyzo.deviantart.com on @deviantART

It is said that the pencil and paper is one of the ways to start creating art, but art starts from the perspective of each.

Pencil Art: using pencils as canvas - Oddee.com (pencil art, art with pencils as canvas)

Pencil Art: using pencils as canvas

Instead of using pencils to draw, Melbourne-based artist Ghostpatrol does it the other way round—he draws on pencils. 'Pencil Sets' are a.

Jessica Drenk Formation (detail)  wood pencils, glued together and sanded view of 2 feet of 4 foot tall piece 2012

Organic Sculptures Sanded from Hundreds of Pencils by Jessica Drenk sculpture pencils multiples