Pfft what a loser lol

I am probably the only person in the fandom who doesn't hate Jason. Repost if you don't hate Jason.

yeah.. but then he wouldn't have been a demigod. aka no longer part of the seven. aka NO PERCY

I'm imagining piper looking at Percy and Annabeth and wondering if there's any chance Jason would hav made the same choice for her, or if Percabeth romance is a one time occurrence

will solace and nico di angelo trials of apollo - Google Search

Yeah rick what have you done. Like solangelo is the best thing in the whole entitle universe *laughs manically*

literally loled at that part

literally loled at that part i was laughing so hard; all the other gods and demigods are fighting to the death together and then theirs Aphrodite and Piper

Percy and Annabeth =D

*starts chanting 'percabeth percabeth percabeth* I love the line though when percy says something dum can't remember what it was and annabeth is like ' you've got kelp on the brain'

Yea go Annabeth @Katniss Mellark <<< Jason has never, and will never, be anywhere near Percy's level. You go Annabeth!

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oh ya! Go Percy! I don't hate Jason or anything, but I still think Percy is waaaayyyyy better.

Percy wins the best boyfriend award for the 193726391381619481030173010284710 time in a row. *slow clap for Percy*<<<Let's just give him a PERMANENT best boyfriend award.