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Note to self and others: take a daily vow to honor yourself and God by engaging in your life, make the most of every single moment, and pursue the things that make you HAPPY

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Inspirations and motivation KEEP THOSE WHO GENUINELY SUPPORT YOU CLOSE TO YOU. this is very smart. I love it, xox mel xox

And I thank God for those that I have that do support me. Precious few they may be, but I love them and appreciate them deeply.

It sad

I know getting hurt to well. If I named all of the people that have hurt me I'd be here forever. But I don't tell people they've hurt because every time they do they play the victim and that hurts me even

Sounds about right,,,,

I’m Done. I’m Drained Spiritually; I’m Dead. I’m Smile ” ~ Mistake Quote.story of my life

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A tear made of water and feelings . (let's remember that before we hurt anyone

And all it took was one Saturday . That one Saturday to break what was left of my heart

The saddest kind of sad is when your tears can't even drop and you feel nothing it's the world has just ended. exactly how I felt the day my parents died.hard to understand that feeling unless you've experienced it.

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Just because I'm strong enough to handle pain, doesn't mean I deserve it. This is definitely you mom, you are so strong and you dont deserve all that you go through daily.

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so so so so true. March on and smile. Being sad changes nothing.

Just A Ghost With A Beating Heart

"Everyone thinks I've gotten better. I've just gotten better at hiding it."The pain of finally realizing that sharing your true self with others makes them see you as crazy.