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Great gifts for geeks

Great gifts for geeks

Funny pictures about Great Gifts for Geeks. Oh, and cool pics about Great Gifts for Geeks. Also, Great Gifts for Geeks.

Pocket watches

Something about watches, clocks, time etc that makes me feel sentimental. My grandad had a thing about clocks, so does my mum, so do I.


The limited edition Kobe Bryant Hublot King Power Black Mamba King Gold is available in two versions – one in King Gold and the second in diamond King

London Beautiful reflection

London, England, (Big Ben was magnificent) Heck London is an absolute joy to visit. so much tradition and history - really would love to visit!

Time is running, times are shelled,     minutes after seconds     much like falling flakes that melt ...

scorpion-silk: Frozen in time . dreams for you and I . waiting for a thaw . a flaw in your departure . bring back the spring . bring back y.