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My kids see me craft a lot and they like to get in on it as well.  However, I obviously can't let them do everything I'm doing.  "Yeah Rex...

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar: All By Myself Tee. Great idea using a freezer paper stencil to keep kids painting inside the lines.

Cathy from Trinkets in Bloom shares a tutorial at I Love To Create showing how to make her Origami Dyed Ruffled Tube Top. The ruffled tube top is refashioned from a plain t-shirt.

THE SISTERS FOUR: 30 Minute D I Y: Cardigan embellishment

Embellish your boring cardigan sweaters! Diy tutorial (via The Sisters 4 say…. MORE is More: 30 Minute D I Y: Cardigan embellishment)

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar: All By Myself Tee - part 2

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar: All By Myself Tee - part 2 I must do this with the kids!

DIY Glitter Stenciled Skeleton Heart Tee Shirt Restyle from Wobisobi here.For more Halloween DIY ideas go here.

This Glitter Bones and Heart Tee from shima glanz shima glanz Harrington Create is fabulous for Halloween or for all year long!


Watermark Tee - Find a quote you love, write it on a white t-shirt with Elmers Glue. Let it dry, and then soak the shirt in a vat of dye (your choice!) and thennnn, voila! Note to self- Quote from Art of War?

Wobisobi: Project Re-Style # 30 T-shirt into peep shoulder, with chain.

Project Re-Style # 30: Peep Shoulder Shirt, With Chain Detail.

Easy shirt re-style for a fun run.minus the chain WobiSobi: Project Re-Style # Peep Shoulder Shirt, With Chain Detail.

boy-valentine-shirt estam,pado

Boy Valentine Shirt Tutorial and Printable

No-Sew t-shirt vest    Update: This was VERY easy, and I had such a cute shirt to make it with. I did have to cut the bottom of the shirt a little shorter, since the longer style wasnt as flattering on me. I used a shirt that had a full-front graphic, and now it just hangs down one side or the other. Totally works.

How to turn a t-shirt into a draped vest with no sewing, in 5 minutes. Wobisobi: Re-Style Five Minute Draped Vest

A good, worn t-shirt is the pinnacle of all things great about clothes. They’re cozy, they go with everything, and seeing as most of my (free) t-shirts come from jobs/teams/camp/events – they also come attached with good memories. The thought of giving them away or throwing them out is borderline painful. These t-shirts are perfect … Read More

15 DIY T-Shirt Makeovers That Will Make Your Wardrobe More Exciting

DIY Damsels: Make a Tank Top from a Guy’s T-shirt. Best DIY tank top tutorial I've seen