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Ohgolly I thought I was the only one

yeah <---- I often find myself about which character the song relates to the most. <== I found a wedding dance song for one of my OTP's.

Doctor who

Psychic paper in books. My books would have more hot dudes doing romantic yet dangerous things than they do. Though I do believe that is the reason some people don't read - they just don't have the imagination.

#Fangirl | The cycles of reading

More like breathes loudly and wheezes trying to not let the tears come out



Or it just wasn't long enough...*cough cave scene *cough... Beach scene better make up for it...

Or the book in general wasn't in the movie. *cough**cough**Percy Jackson**cough*<<< oh my YESSSSSSHHHHHHHH<<<< Divergent. soo many scenes from divergent