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"You can clearly see Loki's helmet on Thor's wrist cuff. This was placed there to honor Loki since Thor thought him dead." Yessss.

You can clearly see Loki's helmet on Thor's wrist band. This was placed there to honor Loki since Thor thought him dead. The feels! Also, check out the crew guy. He is not amused by the tender bromance.

I love how Thor - just this once - didn't fall for it, because he knew just how much Frigga meant to both of them. :'(

I literally paused this scene and cried for like, 10 mins T_T LOKI.

Awesome artwork by captbexx on deviantart...

Thor is going to get thrown out of the nearest window. Loki's gonna let it go. After he kicks Thor from Asgard to New York. Start of the Loki version of Let it Go right there!

Fine! I'll sign it! To: Pathetic mortal. You will die. Love Loki

I'd Better Not See This on Ebay... OR ELSE!

How do you find reactions from fans or kids to Loki’s character? TOM HIDDLESTON: Mark Ruffalo’s son. I kind of dedicate my performance to his son, his ten-year old, because he was on set a lot. Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige, the producer, they were enormous

Funny pictures about Ridiculously Photogenic Loki. Oh, and cool pics about Ridiculously Photogenic Loki. Also, Ridiculously Photogenic Loki photos.

Glass Prisons  @Stacy Pyron , I'm sure you'll agree with this ;D

Truth: Glass Prisons: Because some villains are too attractive to be obstructed by bars.

All too true.

I am in love with Tom Hiddleston. no one else would make Loki so lovable.<- took the villain test.Im Loki from asgard

Tom Hiddleston is the absolute ladies man, find me a woman who won't love him after watching just one of his movies, and you will have accomplished the impossible.

Tom Hiddleston playing Loki = best thing in the world :)

loki - Cerca amb Google

Thor and Loki are bromantic. Definitely photoshopped but still funny. TB "Bill" and "Eric" shirts are real, so therefore better. Tom and Chris should take the hint and get some shirts to demonstrate their bromance. Shoot, I want those shirts!

Wait…. isn't that Apophis? At the end of Red Pyramid, when he tries to escape after using Set? House of Life, to battle!

It’s for real…

Does this mean Loki is real? (and is it really bad the first thing I thought of was Apophis from Kane Chronicles? OMFG the Kane Chronicles!