Rien Poortvliet (1932-1995)

art-and-things-of-beauty: “Foxes in their habitat by Rien Poortvliet (Dutch, ”

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Red Fox Portrait Art Print Reproduction

Print Fox Art Forest of a Painting Wildlife Foxhunt Hunting Decor Custom Gift

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art-and-things-of-beauty: “More Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) by Rien Poortvliet (Dutch, ”

Лиса и мухомор.

voiceofnature: Red fox (vulpes vulpes) feeding on amanita. voiceofnature: Red fox (vulpes vulpes) feeding on amanita mushroom. Photography by Niko Pekonen. Love me some amanita mushrooms!



How to Draw a Fox (Red Fox)

Learn how to draw a red fox with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions.