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"Maybe he's the reverse of 11. He acts all dark and spooky, but he's really just a kid." :)

"Maybe he's the reverse of He acts all dark and spooky, but he's really just a kid." << True,,,like a kid in an old body wanted to be loved for the one he really is. The Doctor.<< Twelve is the best

Ignore the last one. I've rejected that headcannon based on the shred of logic still applicable to Who ;)

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I'm with the second dude in the last one, only I'mma kick you somewhere where it's gonna hurt a lot more. << Meet me and we'll arrange something^^^oh god that realisation hurts me in the feels

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i dont even watch dr who too much but the Most Wonderful Thing About Time Lords totally got me


I just re-watched this episode for the third time. I love the Ponds!

Agreed. I love their faces tho. Jack is mildly amused, the doctor is obviously pleased with himself, and Rose is like please kill me now.

Jack's just like "Are you freaking kidding me, Doctor?" but Rose is like, "They would be terrible last words.

Part of me thinks they are just improvising!

Donna Noble in "The Unicorn and the Wasp". My favorite Donna episode I miss her sass.

Do you want to build a snowman for the tenth Doctor and the Master. If this isn't perfect I don't understand the levels you need for perfection.

Do you wanna steal a TARDIS? - Do you wanna build a snowman parody. His face cracks me up!

Funniest moment with Capaldi

Jenna Coleman talking about a funny moment on set with Peter Capaldi.

Cute scene from the episode where the Tardis Talks to the Doctor!


PLEASE tell me this is true! This makes my heart so happy

I'm the Doctor

How would you like your medical professional? Slow roasted or crispy?

Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor.

Funny pictures about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Oh, and cool pics about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Also, Aren't you a beautiful boy.

Sometimes I get the feeling Twelve forgets he isn't Eleven anymore.

Poor Twelve is still adjusting. <- That would explain it