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Alright...I'm crying now

The weird thing is is that she ends up being half time lord sorta but not really but actually. Yeah I guess it is Timelord code.

Alright - 25 words that mean something completely different on Doctor Who


Donna was truely his best friend. She didnt take him for granted. Understood him so much more than the rest of his companions. Donna will be with the Doctor forever, in his hearts.

The Doctor is Santa!

The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler headcanon accepted. The red bike when Rose was twelve

In case you didn't know

Did you know that in Doctor Who, the Doctor's bow tie is red if the episode takes place in the future, and blue if it is in the past? (It’s true for the tenth Doctor too. His suit was blue if they went forward in time and brown if backwards) MIND BLOWN

All of the Doctors companions had a huge effect on him but Donna is the only one that will never remember the wonderful times they shared...

Donna Noble - this makes me so sad, off all the Doctors companions i think Donna's story is the saddest<< well.she kinda ties with Rose for me.

Doctor Who, Beauty and the Beast crossover :) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Doctor-Who-and-the-TARDIS/276710412383657

Doctor Who/Beauty & the Beast Crossover. One pinner said: "The Beast is a metaphor for how he was left after the Time War rather than how he looked. And Rose healed him.

Now if you would excuse me I'm gonna go sit in a corner and cry...

Awwww Not a big Doctor/River shipper but this is so sweet/sad. I miss the Ponds. D:>>> I thought I was the only one who didn't ship River and the Doctor! And I agree about the Ponds, I honestly think they were probably the Doctor's best companions

Challenge Day #10 Saddest Episode. As if there is any competition. Doomsday. It has it's hilairious moments as all Doctor Who episodes do, but I can NEVER watch it the same way ever again! End of Time was also sad, with Ten's regeneration and all. I'd like to point out that I haven't yet seen Angels take Manhatten, but I'm watching on Saturday before the new episode.

Doctor Who Challenge- Day Saddest episode. I have bawled my eyes out every time I've watched it! The first time I cried for fifteen minutes straight.

♥ who you choose to be as a person is what truly determines how beautiful you are on the outside. I think of this in terms of people who have a bad attitude and people who are uplifting...the difference is staggering

Amy Pond's best quote from Doctor Who