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Cheese grater turned pencil holder! #upcycle

would be cute in the kitchen with paper and pen.which I can never find in the kitchen when I need it cheese Grater Pencil Holder

Somethin' Salvaged: Old Chairs into bulletin boards, and other stuff

Chair Back Repurpose ideas ~ Turn the back of old chairs into chalk boards, cork-boards, and tin tile magnet boards

To make your own, all you need is a piece of wood cut to size, a drill for pencil holes, and some sandpaper to smooth out rough edges. So easy and so very cool! Oh wait… don’t forget free!

Strawberry Chic: DIY Tuesday: Rustic Pencil Holder -- could make this for paint brushes so they could dry without touching each other!

Sjarmerende GJENBRUK: Min nye idé! recyclesugar bowl lids in thekitchen

Gorgeous pot lids nailed to board then store your stuff: (This is a beautiful site) Lokk uten skål

Image result for how to display vintage cans

Hanging Can Storage (source: Country Home) -- I am definitely making these, Love them!

Ash tray for guests so they don't throw stuff where they shouldn't!

DIY outdoor ashtray - Put cup sand and 3 Tbls. baking soda for deoderizer

For the spa room or bathroom!!!

Mason Jars for Bath Supplies OR CRAFT SUPPLIES Use pipe clamps and mason jars to create wall storage for the bathroom or any room. Check out this idea and a bunch of other ways to use mason jars for storage at Ready Made.

useful in the shed jrv1520

For that non-existent craft room. "Paper-covered soup cans hold markers, pencils, and other crafting needs. Love the peg board idea.

Old board game box. Make one out of Scrabble board, put magnet between box and inner lining, glue magnets to each letter piece. Spell out whatever you want on outside of box.

Clever Uses for Everyday Items in the Kitchen | Interior Design Styles and Color Schemes for Home Decorating | HGTV

Clever Uses for Everyday Items in the Kitchen

cheese DIY : Cheese grater pencil holder This would be great with magnets on it to hold pencils on the frige or paintbrushes for the kids outdoor art area

#50 +  DIY Projects for repurposing and reusing old items you have lying around the house.

50 + ideas for repurposing and reusing old items you have lying around the house. Tamara Sonnenberg onto DIY - for the if and when times that I might get crafty!

a pretty cool life.: Refrigerator tin storage

DIY - Refrigerator tin storage from old spice containers. Use magnets - stick to kitchen wall?

I really like this idea and want to do it but keep putting it off!

Craft of the Day: Decoupaged Tray

DIY Serving Tray - created with scrapbook paper, wallpaper pieces, or fabric and some Mod Podge!