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Every once in a while my dad would wake me up late at night to watch the northern lights. Although it was harder to see them in the "city" it was nonetheless magnificent! Go visit Iceland lol

Milky Way + Aurora + Shooting star!!! :)      Copyright: Ole Christian Salomonsen  — at October 26th, Kvaløy, Tromsø.

Milkyway and aurora over Blåmann, October Copyright: Ole Christian Salomonsen--absolutely gorgeous.

The Gale comes, and I alone hold the fate of the Universe in my hands.

This stunning Aurora Borealis photo was taken in Norway by Tommy Eliassen. The stripes in the sky of red and green contrast vividly; the perfect reflection of the sky in the sea magnifies the strange lighting effect.

A. Boreal.

Aurora Borealis - Lapland, Finland i would want to see this

Northern Lights --Someday I am going to go to Alaska or Norway and stay there until I see some lights!!!

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2011 shortlist – in pictures

Excited to Ground State, photo by Ole C Salomonsen for The Royal Observatory, UK. The aurora borealis over mountains in Ulsfjord, Norway